About Us

Leischen Marketing Research is about more than just numbers.

We're great at data and research, but where we really shine is taking the raw numbers and turning them into valuable insight for your company.

For more than 20 years, we've been helping major brands target the precise data that they need, formulate a plan to find the relevant facts, and then putting that plan into motion. Whether it's evaluating a market, developing the right message, fixing a problem or targeting the right consumers, Leischen Marketing Research can be with you every step of the way, from problem to solution.

What Can We Help With?

  • New Customer Acquisition
  • Measuring Advertising Effectiveness
  • Measuring Customer Satisfaction
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Increased Customer Loyalty
  • Web Usability
  • Identifying New Market Opportunities
  • Increased ROI
  • Analysis of Market Conditions
  • Product Evaluation
  • Mystery Shops
  • Price/Value Relationship

Kathleen Leischen

President, CEO

Growing up on a farm in a small town in Pennsylvania, Kathleen learned the values of hard work and dependability. After many years in marketing research as the client, Kathleen realized an opportunity to help companies make better decisions by providing meaning behind survey responses, so in 2004, Kathleen started Leischen Marketing Research.

The company’s success is founded in Kathleen’s ability to ask the right questions, from the first meeting with clients to questionnaire design and final presentation. With long hours and cappuccino, Kathleen has provided companies actionable insight and the ability to make better decisions that are based in facts.

Harley and Blade

Community Outreach

LMR President, Kathleen Leischen, has become a familiar face at the Lourdes Noreen McKeen Nursing Home in West Palm Beach with her two German Shepherds, Harley and Blade (affectionately known as "the kids"). Kathleen trained both pups and they have earned their Canine Good Citizen Certificate and are both Certified Pet Therapy dogs.

Every Monday evening, Kathleen, Harley and Blade look forward to spending time with the patients. "When it gets close to the time to leave, the kids herd me through the house to get ready," Leischen said. "They love to visit with all the patients."

Kathleen is also involved in fundraising for the local MS Chapter.