Understanding the Impact of Covid-19

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Special Report, March 2020 – With the health and safety of our community being our primary focus, there are many concerns regarding the economy, both local and national, due to the global healthcare pandemic.

Because of this, Leischen Marketing Research recently conducted a study among the general population to understand the perceptions and concerns about Covid-19.

Overall Concern

Overall, respondents are more concerned about the general population and their family than they are for themselves, friends and neighbors.

And least concerned about their pets.

Life Adjustments

More than 3/4ths are experiencing a disruption in their everyday life, with 58% expecting this disruption to last a month or more.

Many are curtailing their outings like eating out and traveling.

Purchasing decisions.

48% are shopping online more in the past 30 days due to concerns about Covid-19 and convenience.

30% started buying items made in the U.S. more than before and only 10% only buy items made in the U.S.

Shoppers are buying items made in the U.S. because:

  • 72% – Support for U.S. manufacturers and jobs in the U.S.
  • 50% – Because of the Covid-19 virus
  • 45% – Perceive U.S. products to have a higher quality

From a business perspective, 34% are working from home full or part time with 13% reporting that their office is closed. Other disruptions to the work environment include avoiding breakrooms (62%) and social gatherings at work (77%).

Health & Wellness

When it comes to perceiving who is better at protecting against the Covid-19 virus, only 54% feel that cleaning services and 64% feel that nursing homes are doing a good job.

But nearly all, 93%, feel that hospitals are doing everything they can to protect against the Covid-19 virus.

[ Download report as a PDF ]

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Posted on Monday, March 23, 2020